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ACIS is dedicated to being an inclusive body to promote colloid and interface science in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. More information on ACIS and its members is given on this page.

Board of Directors

  • Ben Boyd, Monash University, President
  • Erica Wanless, University of Newcastle, Vice President
  • Grant Webber, University of Newcastle, Honorary Secretary
  • Charlotte Conn, RMIT University, Equity and Diversity
  • Greg Warr, University of Sydney, IACIS Liaison
  • Gunther Andersson, Flinders University, Awards and Prizes
  • Arlene McDowell, University of Otago, Membership
  • Deborah Wakeham, ANSTO, Treasurer
  • Christine Browne, Monash University, Communications

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History of directors and committees


Our committees

ACIS Constitution

The ACIS Constitution has been updated following a General Meeting on 29th January 2020. The current constitution is available on the Downloads page.

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