The ACIS administers two key awards: the HealyHunter award and the ACIS/ECIS award.


Healy–Hunter Award

The Healy–Hunter Award honours the founders of the Australian Colloid and Surface Science Student Conference; Professor Tom Healy (The University of Melbourne) and Professor Bob Hunter (University of Sydney), who first organised such a conference in 1967. The conferences have been held regularly since this time.

The Award, which highlights and recognises the most outstanding student oral presentation at the conference, consists of a commemorative medal and a contribution towards the travel costs of attending an international conference. In 1998, a Royal Australian Chemical Institute Award Trust was formed as a result of the generous financial support of many Australian surface and colloid science researchers and research groups. Students enrolled at an Australian university are eligible candidates for this award.


All staff attending the student conference are eligible to vote. Supervisors may vote for their own PhD students if so desired. In judging the award, staff consider the quality of science, oral/visual skills, and construction and flow of the presentation. In the event of a tie in the voting, the Chair of the RACI Division of Colloid and Surface Science (or nominee) will have the casting vote. The award can be won only once by any individual.

Previous winners of the Healy–Hunter award:



 2018 Liam Scarratt    The University of Sydney
 2016 Christopher Bolton The University of Melbourne
 2014 Michael Neeson The University of Melbourne
 2012 Ashish Kumar The University of Melbourne
 2010 Robert Hayes University of Newcastle
 2008 Luke Parkinson IWRI, University of South Australia
 2006 Jacqui McRae Swinburne University of Technology
 2004 Drew Evans The Australian National University
 2002 Nicola Richards IWRI, University of South Australia
 2001 Rod Harris LaTrobe University
 1999 Wuge Briscoe IWRI, University of South Australia
 1998 Janine Burns University of Newcastle


The ACIS/ECIS Award recognises the most outstanding student oral presentation at the student conference, by a student typically in their second or third year of PhD.

The Award consists of a contribution towards costs for attending the European Colloids and Interface Society (ECIS) Conference in the same year as the student conference, with the (reciprocal) agreement that the ECIS conference registration will be waived by our European colleagues.

The Award was established in 2013 as a result of the links between the Board of Australasian Colloids and Interface Society (ACIS) and the Board of ECIS, and aims to strengthen and expand the scientific connections between the two Societies.


A number of staff attending the student conference will be chosen to be on the selection panel, and will nominate a winner and two runners-up. In judging the Award, staff consider the quality of science, communication skills, presentation style and ability to answer questions.


Students enrolled at an Australian university for less than 36 months at the time of the student conference are eligible candidates for this Award.

Students must be available to attend the ECIS conference in the same year as the student conference, and must be able to cover the additional costs for travel and accommodation not covered by the Award.

The Awardee cannot be the Awardee of the Healy–Hunter Award in the same year. The Award will be transferred to the chosen candidate, after attendance of the ECIS conference, as reimbursement upon presentation of receipts.

If the first chosen candidate is not available to attend the ECIS conference that year, they should notify ACIS as soon as possible, and the funds will be used to support attendance of the runner-up. The Award for Australian students is administered by the Awards Committee of ACIS.

Previous winners of the ACIS/ECIS award:



 2018 Isaac Gresham    University of New South Wales
 2016 Virginia Mazzini The Australian National University
 2014 Catherine Fung University of Western Australia

ECR Bursary to attend Early Career Colloid Meeting in UK ,17th-18th September 2018

The inaugural Early Career Colloid meeting (ECColloids2018) will be held at the University of Sheffield, UK on the 17th-18th September 2018. The meeting aims to bring together researchers from academia and industry within 10 years of their first appointment. ACIS believes that there is a great opportunity for an Australian ECR in the colloid and interface community to take advantage of this networking opportunity and proposes supporting the attendance of a very early career researcher (0-3 years since PhD conferral) that may not have had substantial opportunity to attend international meetings to attend ECColloids2018 through a bursary to cover travel and registration costs. To gain maximum advantage from the attendance it is proposed that the bursary recipient visit the UK for a minimum of 2 weeks around the time of the meeting, being hosted by a local laboratory (UK/Europe). It would also be expected that the bursary recipient would present at the ECColloids2018 meeting – preferably an oral presentation but as this can’t be guaranteed a poster presentation would be accepted, either way abstract submission is mandatory. Support is to be limited to financial members of ACIS at the time of receipt (memberships require renewing in July and people may have forgotten at the time of submission).

Key Dates

Registration deadline & poster presentation abstract submission deadline = 24th August 2018

Oral presentation abstract submission deadline = 10th August 2018

Cost Estimates (as of 20th June 2016)

Flight cost (estimated for Melbourne-London, outbound 7th Sept, return 22nd Sept): $1200-1500

Flight cost (estimated for Melbourne-Manchester, outbound 7th Sept, return 22nd Sept): $1500-1700

Train cost (London-Sheffield return): $170 (78 pounds)

Train cost (Manchester-Sheffield return): $90 (40 pounds)

Conference registration: $90 (30-40 pounds)

Proposed Bursary

Up to $2500 towards travel and registration costs (accounting for potential increase in airfares) to attend ECColloids2018 in tandem with a visit to a local laboratory for a developmental experience in line with the recipient’s current or future research direction.

Receipts for flights/travel to and from ECColloids2018 and meeting registration to be supplied to the ACIS treasurer to obtain reimbursement of funds up to $2500.

Accommodation costs will not be covered by the bursary but must be covered by the home/host labs or from alternative funding arrangements (travel grants).

Proof of presentation/attendance at ECColloids2018 must be provided for receipt of the bursary.

Application Procedure

Applications for the bursary are to be submitted to the board ( by COB Friday 14th July 2018 for ranking. The board will make their selection of the bursary recipient and inform them prior to 31st July 2018 to give the recipient ample time to register and submit an oral presentation abstract by 10th August 2018. Applications should include the information overleaf, formatted however they think reasonable. Recipient selection is at the discretion of the board. Applicants with a clear and concise abstract, a well-articulated vision of the benefits of a stint in their proposed host lab and having had limited opportunity to present at international conferences will be favoured.

Applicant’s full name

Applicant’s current institution

Applicant’s date of PhD conferral (must be between 1st June 2015 and now)

Applicant’s ACIS membership status (if bursary awarded applicant must renew membership or join ACIS)

Proposed abstract title

Condensed abstract text (maximum 200 words, no references or figures)

Where is the proposed host lab that will act as host during excursion to ECColloids2018 and what is the benefit to be derived from the student by visiting this host group and attending ECColloids2018 (maximum 200 words). Please also include evidence of acceptance by the host lab as a formal invitation or by email from the laboratory head.

For how long does the recipient plan to visit the host lab (provide dates if known)?

Has the applicant previously presented at international conferences? yes/no

If yes, please list international conference presentations in reverse chronological order and include the type of presentation (poster, oral, invited oral, keynote, plenary etc.). Note that international conference experience certainly does not preclude selection.

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