The ACIS administers a number of awards aimed at students, ECRs and full non-ECR members. (Please click the award title for more information, or select from the Awards sub-menu above).

Student Awards

ACIS Best PhD Thesis Award

This award was introduced in 2018 for the best thesis submitted in the preceding 12 months.

Healy–Hunter Award

The Healy–Hunter Award honours the founders of the Australian Colloid and Surface Science Student Conference, Professors Tom Healy and Bob Hunter, and recognises the most outstanding student oral presentation at the conference.


The ACIS/ECIS Award recognises the most outstanding student oral presentation at the student conference and consists of a contribution towards costs for attending the European Colloids and Interface Society (ECIS) Conference.

Early Career Awards

ACIS ECR Lecturer Award 

This award is made to an ECR as a travel bursary to expand their exposure and network through visits and seminars at other institutions around Australia.

UK Early Career Colloid Meeting Travel Bursary (suspended for 2020 due to travel restrictions)

This award is made for an ECR to attend the UK Early Career Colloid Meeting.

**NEW** Alternative award to UK ECR Travel Bursary - ACIS Early Career Travel Bursary

Lectureship Awards 

ACIS Plenary Lecturer

The ACIS Plenary Lecturer is awarded to an individual making a significant contribution to colloid and interface science in Australia or New Zealand and is typically an international awardee. They are invited to present the ACIS Plenary Lecture at the ACIS meeting.

A.E. Alexander Lecturer
The Alexander Lecturer is an eminent scientist who has contributed particularly to Colloid and Surface Science in Australia. The lecture is now delivered at a national meeting of the Australasian Colloid and Interface Society and at the University of Sydney. 

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