History of Australia–Japan symposia

This approximately biennial symposium was run at alternating Australian & Japanese locations from 1992 to 2013. It was a joint venture of the Colloid and Surface Science Divisions of the RACI and the Chemical Society of Japan.


This meeting has now become the Western Pacific Colloids Meeting.






Umbrella meeting

13Nagoya, Japan18th to 20th September 2013 
12Cairns, Australia21 to 23 November 2011 
11Chiba, Japan19-22 September 201063rd Divisional meeting on Colloid and Surface Chemistry, the Chemical Society of Japan 
10Adelaide, Australia1-3 February 2009Australian Colloid and Interface Symposium 2009 (ACIS2009) Abstract book
9Matsumoto, Japan19-23 September 200735 Japanese
16 Australian
60th Divisional meeting on Colloid
and Surface Chemistry, the Chemical Society of Japan.
8Terrigal, Australia27-30 November 200530 Japanese
34 Australian
2 UK delegates
 Abstract book
7Ube, Japan8-11 September 2004110 Japanese
15 Australian
57th Divisional meeting on Colloid and Surface Chemistry (Chem. Soc. Japan) 
6Sydney, Australia16-17 February 200315 Japanese
75 Australian
Australian Colloid and Interface Symposium 2003 (RACI)
5Kyushu University, Japan13-15 July 1998110 Japanese
22 Australian
4Sorrento (near Melbourne), AustraliaApril 1996unknown 
3Kyushu University, JapanOctober 199450 Japanese
20 Australian
2Sorrento (near Melbourne), AustraliaDecember 199212 Japanese
40 Australian
8 from USA & Europe
1Kyushu University, JapanMay 199260 Japanese
10 Australian



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