Poster Presenters

Instructions for Poster Presenters

(please read carefully)

  • Poster Session

    We are pleased to accept poster contributions at the symposium. The format of the poster session will be:

  • 1.     (Optional) Lightning Talks: 1 min video presentation to entice the audience to come to your poster and learn more.

  • 2.     Poster presentations in "break-out rooms" where the poster presenter will stay in the break-out room and the audience is able to move between rooms to see posters and discuss the excellent science.

  • What’s a Lightning Talk? 

  • We strongly encourage poster presenters to participate in the Lightning Talks as it is so much better than a list of posters. 

  • The Lightning Talks will all be prerecorded and submitted in advance so that we can sequence the videos.

  • ·       Maximum duration: 1 minute

  • ·       Video format:

  • o   1 slide (PowerPoint etc) with details of the work being presented and some key results that will make the audience want to talk to you. Use a 16:9 (widescreen, landscape) format.

    o   Overlay onto the slide (in the bottom corner) a talking-head video recorded using your phone, tablet or computer. Please use a tripod or a pile of books to save the shakycam effect!

  • o   Most video formats are acceptable: mp4 or webm preferred. 16:9 aspect ratio in either HD (1080) or SD (720).

  • ·       If you can’t combine the video and slide into a single file, you may upload the slide (in PNG or PDF format) and the video file separately, but make sure there's space on the slide for the video to be placed!

  • ·           Upload the videos via this link 


    Poster Session. The poster session will be run inside break-out rooms and the audience will drift in and out, much like in a face-to-face poster session.

    • The poster itself should be a 16:9 PowerPoint (or similar) presentation in landscape format. Note that this is different to what you'd do with a traditional poster presentation!
    • 1 or 2 slides absolute max. Don't be tempted to include animations or other transitions as they will be difficult to use in this format
    • The poster presenter will share their screen with the break-out room so that people can see the details.
    • In the poster session, we encourage everyone to turn on their cameras and microphones to be part of the discussion. Questions can also be included in the chat function of the break-out room.
    • Web links for the break-out rooms and an allocation of poster presenters to the break-out rooms will be provided at the start of the poster session.

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