The 31st Australian colloid and surface  science student conference


Plenary Speakers

Professor Debora Berti
University of Florence

Prof. Berti's research is concerned with the physical chemistry of Soft Matter. In particular  she is interested in lipid self-assembly, hybrid nanoparticle/lipid assemblies for responsive drug delivery, the interaction of nanostructured assemblies with model membranes, and nanostructured fluids for the conservation of Cultural Heritage. These systems of interest are probed and characterised with a variety of static and dynamic scattering techniques.
Professor Thomas Zemb
Institut de Chimie S├ęparative de Marcoule

Prof. Zemb is concerned with colloidal interactions beyond the limits of DLVO theory. He is the author of over 200  publications, focusing particularly on strongly interacting colloidal systems, studied by scattering experiments. He is also interested in applications of such research in areas such as ion separation, targeted delivery and nano-materials for long-term storage.

Oral Presenters
A book of abstracts for all oral presenters is now available, as well as the technical schedule.

Poster Presenters
The abstract book for the poster session is now also available, as well as a presenter list

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