ACIS2021: The 10th Australian Colloid and Surface Science Symposium

Information for speakers

Guidelines for speakers

In the spirit of following the international professional standard for creating an inclusive environment for gender diverse individuals, we ask speakers and hosts to mention their personal pronouns when they introduce themselves. (Example:  “Hello, my name is ______ and my pronouns are he/him”)

We also ask all participants to list their pronouns in their Zoom names. This can be done by clicking ‘Participants’ in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, finding your name in the participant list that pops up in the right, holding your cursor over it and selecting ‘moreàrename’. You can also do this in person at events with name-tags.

When referring to somebody else, take a quick second to check their pronouns if you can, or else consider using the gender neutral pronoun ‘they’ instead.

When selecting/fielding questions from the audience, we encourage hosts/speakers to consider all aspects of diversity so that everyone can have a chance to speak and be heard.

Plenary speakers

Professor Howard Stone, Princeton University

  Professor Jennifer Lewis, Harvard University

Professor Wilson Poon, University of Edinburgh

Professor Monica Olvera de la Cruz, Northwestern University

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