CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship - Nanoparticle Based Soil Sensor

03 Jun 2016 9:20 AM | Anonymous

Applications are invited for a 3 year CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship. The project aims to develop highly sensitive nanoparticles that are functionalized with custom ligands or chemosensor molecules that are capable of low-level detection of critical nutrients that exist within soils. Soils are complex and dynamically changing with time, as are the chemical states of molecules and nutrients contained within them. This makes the sensitive and selective detection of these species extremely challenging.

The research in this fellowship aims to solve the science challenge of understanding the mechanism of interaction between dynamically changing nutrient molecules (nitrates and phosphates) and the functionalised nanoparticles, which will lead to the development of a nanoparticle based sensor or sensor array.

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