ACIS Early Career Travel Bursaries 2020


ACIS usually awards a travel bursary for the UK Early Career Colloid meeting. Due to the current travel restrictions such travelling will not be possible for the upcoming conference. As a replacement ACIS will award travel bursaries for early career researchers for a travel to and visit of a laboratory within Australia, and within New Zealand. For each of Australia and New Zealand one award is available. No minimum length for the visit of a local host is required. However, a length compatible with the justified aim of the visit will be given preference. It is expected that the bursary recipient will present a seminar at the host institution. Support is to be limited to financial members of ACIS at the time of application (15th August). Proposed travels have to be in accordance with existing travel restrictions in Australia and New Zealand. Travel should be completed within eight months after awarding the bursary (i.e. by 30th April 2021).

Key Dates

Application deadline: 15th of August 2020

Decision: 1st of September 2020. The recipient will be notified by email and announced in the ACIS newsletter.

Eligibility and Application

The application must be made within five years of PhD conferral, with career interruptions, such as for illness, caring or parenting responsibilities, etc. taken into consideration by the ACIS awards committee when determining eligibility.

The applicant must be a current financial member of ACIS at the time of application.

Applicants with a clear and concise one-page proposal and a well-articulated vision of the benefits of their visit to the host lab will be favoured.

Up to $1250 is available to cover costs towards travel and accommodation.

The applicant shall submit a 1-page report to the chair of the award committee within one month of completion of their travel. The report will be published in the ACIS newsletter and may be modified to suit the format.

Applications or requests for further information should be addressed to Prof. Gunther Andersson, Chair of the Awards Committee of ACIS:

Information required from the Applicant

1.Applicant’s full name and email address

2. Applicant’s date of PhD conferral (must be after 1st of June 2015 except in the case of career interruptions as described here if required)

3. Confirmation of Applicant’s ACIS membership status

4. Proposed visit and reasoning (up to 300 words)

5. Provide the name of the lab head, the institution and describe the benefit to be derived by visiting this host group. Please also include evidence of acceptance by the host lab as a formal invitation or by email from the laboratory head. (up to 300 words)

6. For how long does the recipient plan to visit the host lab (provide dates if known)?

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